5308 Balcones Drive, Austin, TX, Austin, TX, 78731-6056 

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Monday& Frid:11:00am~2:00pm
Monday& Sunday:4:30pm~9:00pm
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Reviewed by: stephanie d. on: 10/10/2013 12:36:28 PM
YUM! I order sushi delivery from here for lunch pretty frequently. The sushi is really good! I recommend the Kate Moss!!
Reviewed by: Kat A. on: 9/22/2013 3:21:33 AM
I just had probably the worst take-out I've ever experienced.I won't list everything that went wrong, but I'll sum it up with this one statement:Even the fortune cookies were chewy.
Reviewed by: Poopy P. on: 6/24/2013 4:33:41 AM
Peony is better for Chinese than it is for Japanese. The sushi isn't very fresh, and it's pretty over priced. The Chinese food, on the other hand, is rather delicious. The wait staff is very friendly, and the decor is nice, but the restaurant is always so empty, so it's a bit of an awkward dining experience.
Reviewed by: Tristan L. on: 6/15/2013 2:35:32 AM
Sushi was good, but not the tastiest. A bit expensive for the amount of did (sushi) you receive. Would go again, but it isn't a place I'll ever be dying to go.
Reviewed by: Byoung Kyu S. on: 3/19/2013 10:40:00 AM
3 1/2 star is more accurate but I rounded up. The service was prompt and the server checked in on me a few times after the food came out. Lunch specials are priced very reasonably. I opted for the House Special Pork with fried rice and egg drop soup. The meal also comes with an eggroll. I also ordered a hot tea. Total after tip and taxes was $13.00.The food here is VERY salty so be forewarned if you like things to be on the more bland side. I wished they gave bit more rice as I had ate all my rice but still had few more spoonfuls of pork left.It's just down the street from where I work so this is definitely a good lunch option for me.
Reviewed by: Suzanne F. on: 3/12/2013 3:16:00 AM
This is the perfect lunch place. Their soup is delicious and the shrimp fried rice comes with lots of nice-sized shrimp. They are really good about leaving out stuff you don't want in a dish.The service is also good.
Reviewed by: Zoe O. on: 1/2/2013 3:10:00 AM
If I could, this place would be receiving 0 stars from me. Let's start from the beginning:After waiting 10 minutes no one had come to our table with menus or water. We had to grab paper takeout menus and had to get up from the table to ask a waiter to come help us. When no one came we actually had to go to the back and get the water ourselves! After seeing us doing this a waiter finally came, balancing 6 glasses of water on a tiny tray. The end result of course was that one person in our group got drenched as the waiter dropped the tray and the glasses broke all over the table and floor. It took him 10 minutes to clean up the mess, during which time no other staff came to help him, and we received no apology from anyone. This should have been our cue to leave.The waiter finally came back to take our order and we waited a long time just for soups to come out. We began to have our soups delivered one at a time, with five minute increments between each. We were also sitting next to the sushi bar, and some of our group saw their orders sitting up there for at least ten minutes. The sushi chef ended up serving them their food. Finally the dishes began to arrive, and everyone's food was COLD!!! I'm not talking about room temperature entrees; the food felt like it had been sitting in a fridge! My own dish came out feeling as thought it had come straight out of a freezer, and we sent it back to get reheated. It came back out room temperature. At this point we had been at the restaurant an hour and a half, and were still missing several dishes.Exacerbated, we ended up all getting to go boxes and had to go home to heat up our own food to be able to eat it! The food was mediocre at best. We received no apologies from our waiter and the manager never came to our table after our request to discuss the situation.Austin is limited in Chinese food, but save yourself the hassle and go somewhere else! Chinatown, Hao-Q, even Firebowl!
Reviewed by: Mary M. on: 12/1/2012 5:50:00 PM
Peony has recently changed ownership and is now "Something Asian Cafe". The quality of the food has significantly gone down. The fried food is greasy. The previous owner was very proud of the fact that he used vegetable oil and was able to produce delicious fried food without the heavy grease. Clearly, the new owners aren't doing that. They have increased their sushi menu, but they are using the same rice for Sushi as they serve with the Chinese food. In otherwords, it isn't Sushi rice. All things considered, it isn't horrible but there are alot of better Chinese restaurants in town. My family used to eat at Peony 3-4 times a month. Now, we are looking elsewhere.
Reviewed by: Ronald A. on: 8/30/2012 6:58:00 AM
this is a very good neighborhood family restaurant with really good food. i eat here almost once a week for lunch & often order to go at dinner.owned by a really nice man and his wife Edina {sp?} some of the best hot & sour soup and egg rolls in austin. very fresh veggies. some of my favorites; chicken with spinach, hot & spicy pork, lo mein,sweet & sour shrimp, eggplant w/garlic sauce also the mu shu is great. spices on all dishes can be altered. i am not into sushi but from the table comments, it must be good.i eat a lot of chinese food, both americanized and non. i enjoy both. support these good people and their good food
Reviewed by: Christine T. on: 7/9/2012 3:54:00 PM
An odd location, and it never seems like they're very busy, but their lunch special is a great price for some great sushi. And they deliver!
Reviewed by: Colin D. on: 6/15/2012 10:15:00 PM
I came here for lunch and got the chicken with black bean sauce and it was good, but not amazing. The place had a definite hole-in-the-wall, lunchtime vibe to it which worked well to get in with people I knew, chat a bit and get out. I'm not sure that I'd take a date here though.
Reviewed by: Emma S. on: 2/22/2012 3:18:00 AM
I like 2 things on this menu, and greatly dislike everything else I have tried. But the 2 things I do like, bring me here about once a week.Their hot and sour soup has healing properties. We each get, and devour, a large - which comes out in a heaping bowl of amazing. And their veggie egg rolls are thin, full of veggies and perfectly fried.I also like the ambiance at this place - the old Casablanca-esque pop version of hits from the 80's is phenomenal, and each visit is topped by an outstanding over-heard conversation, ranging from blind dates discussing sperm donors to a younger sister telling her elderly sister she was a drain. Not joking, this place is awesome.
Reviewed by: Chuck Z. on: 2/2/2012 7:12:00 PM
Fantastic Chinese food and surprisingly good, fresh sushi. I have been going to Peony for several years and have always had good food and terrific service. Sushi portions are quite large. They have always made me and my daughters feel welcome and have even taught them a few words in Mandarin.
Reviewed by: Eric B. on: 1/22/2012 10:28:00 PM
Peony is completely decent. Much, much better than typical chinese take out and priced relatively comparably. The atmosphere is nice and everyone is friendly, but we typically get it to go. They have exceptional soup and the portions are huge.